Year 9 Bumper Pack II


  • Calculate TANθ, SINθ and COSθ
  • Solve problems - calculate size of angles
  • Use TAN to calculate unknown side or angle
  • Use TAN, SIN and COS to calculate unknowns 
  • Calculate the surface area and volume of right prisms
  • Know and use the formulae for the circumference and area of a circle
  • Calculate length of unknown side in right-angled triangle
  • Calculate percentages and find the outcome of a given percentage increase or decrease
  • Know that a recurring decimal is an exact fraction
  • Use efficient methods to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions, interpreting division as a multiplicative inverse.
  • Examine and extend the index laws to establish the meaning of negative, fractional and zero powers
  • Use simple instances of the index laws and start to multiply and divide numbers in index form
  • Calculate and solve problems in everyday context. 
  • Calculate and solve problems in everyday contexts
  • Use and interpret maps and scale drawings in the context of mathematics and other subject
  • Use the coordinate grid to solve problems involving translations, rotations, reflections

(30 activities)


This pack consists of Units 38 to 43



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