Year 8 Bumper Pack II


  • Calculate and solve problems in everyday contexts 
  • Calculate areas of compound shapes
  • Calculate perimeter of non-reactangular shapes
  • Calculate volumes and surface areas of cuboids and shapes made from cuboids 
  • Derive and use formulae for the area of a triangle, parallelogram and trapezium
  • Solve linear equations with integer coefficients (unknown on both sides with brackets)
  • Simplify linear algebraic expressions
  • Predicting Patterns
  • Use diagrams and tables to record in a systematic way all possible mutually exclusive outcomes for single events and for two successive events
  • Recognise the equivalence of percentages, fractions and decimals;
  • Multiplication and Division of Decimals
  • Use efficient written methods for multiplication and division of integers and decimals 


(40 activities)


This pack consists of Units 24 to 31



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