Year 7 Bumper Pack


  • Convert one metric unit to another
  • Estimate, calculate and solve problems in everyday contexts
  • Add and subtract simple fractions and those with common denominators
  • Solve simple problems mentally; Simplify linear algebraic expressions
  • Solve simple linear equations with integer coefficients
  • Solve simple linear equations with integer coefficients
  • Calculate percentages and find the outcome of a given percentage increase or decrease
  • Calculate simple fractions of whole quantities
  • Calculate simple percentages  
  • Interpret diagrams and graphs and draw simple conclusions
  • Make and justify estimates and approximations to calculations
  • Estimate probabilities
  • Generate sequences from patterns   
  • Find the mode, median and range, and the modal class for grouped data
  • Measure angles accurately; Draw angles accurately
  • Draw triangles accurately
  • Identify acute, obtuse and right angles
  • Identify polygons
  • Understand a proof that the angle sum of a triangle is 180°

(45 activities)


This pack consists of Units 7 to 15.



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