Privacy Policy

At Cactus Pi we (where "we" refers to the company, Cactus Pi Limited) collect different types of information about our users for the following reasons:

  1. To enable the purchase and delivery of goods through our online shop.
  2. To communicate with the users via email newsletters about special offers and other matters of interest .
  3. To provide a mechanism whereby we can identify types of customer (Teacher, Tutor or Parent).
  4. To help us to improve the service we offer.

Our principles

  1. We will respect your email privacy. You will only receive email from Cactus Pi if you have expressly signed up for our newsletters and offers.
  2. We will not share any individual user details (including your email address) to any third party without your consent.

What information do we collect?

We collect information on our users when they purchase goods.

The minimum information we need is your first and last name, your post code and a password, and whether you are a Teacher, Tutor or Parent.

We collect information on our customers when you make a purchase through our shop.

We will collect your name, postal and email addresses, payment information and information about your order. Payment information is then transmitted and processed securely. WE DO NOT STORE CREDIT CARD DETAILS.

Who will have access to your information?

You have control over who is able to access specific items of information. By default your information will not be visible to anyone else using the site.


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