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How Cactus π sheets work

At Home

Despite the myriad of online resources, many mathematical concepts are best taught and reinforced with paper and pencil techniques. Cactus π worksheets provide instant assessment for you and your child without needing to mark each question. Most activities take between 20 and 30 minutes, ideal for reinforcing key concepts, keeping skills sharp over the school holidays, revising for exams or extending the more able child.

Most of the worksheets involve solving a series of mathematical problems to find the punch line to a cheesy joke. Students love finding out what the punch line is. Mistakes in the student’s problem solving can quickly be identified by spotting a spelling mistake in the punch line.

The packs have been organised into Year Groups and Topics. Simply select the Year Group and Topic from the drop down menus.

In School or Tutorials

Are you a maths teacher or tutor struggling to find resources that:

  • Are mapped to the KS3 & KS4 curriculum?
  • The students will enjoy?
  • Provide instant assessment?
  • Extend the more able?
  • Consolidate understanding of paper and pencil methods?
  • >Make perfect homework or tutorial activities?
  • Are suitable to leave with supply teachers when you are unable to teach your class?

Then Cactus π worksheets are for you! Check out our books which provide more than 300 activities for Years 6 to 11, all mapped to the English National Curriculum. Alternatively, please print some of our FREE SAMPLES – you will soon see why Cactus π worksheets are ideal for your students’ needs.


Cactus π worksheets have been used in Australia since the 1990s. The worksheets available on this site are updated versions of sheets that have been used and are still in use throughout Australian schools and homes today. Their longevity is testament to their popularity.

The Directors of Cactus π are both teachers who have used and continue to use the worksheets in their teaching because, quite frankly, we believe they are the perfect resource for teaching maths:

  • Students find the sheets fun and engaging – they will keep asking for more
  • The worksheets take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete, long enough to solve enough problems to really consolidate and stretch understanding and short enough to be motivational
  • Students can immediately spot where they have gone wrong, or celebrate that they have got everything correct
  • Cactus π worksheets provide instant assessment for you and your students without needing to mark each question
  • Practising pencil and paper methods is still the best way to reinforce understanding of many mathematical concepts How Cactus π sheets work



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