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Algebra Pack Year 7 - 9 Year 9 Problems involving linear algebraic expressions and simultaneous equations

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Unit 10. Algebra (II) Year 7 Solve simple linear equations with integer coefficients More info £1.00
Unit 11. Fractions and Percentages Year 7 Calculate percentages; Calculate simple fractions of whole quantities More info £1.00
Unit 12. Data Handling Multipack Year 7 Interpret diagrams and graphs; Make and justify estimates and approximations; Estimate probabilities; Generate sequences More info £1.00
Unit 13. Averages Year 7 Find the mode, median and range, and the modal class for grouped data More info £1.00
Unit 14. Angles Year 7 Measure angles accurately; Draw angles accurately  More info £1.00
Unit 15. Shape Multipack Year 7 Identify acute, obtuse and right angles; Identify polygons; Understand the angle sum of a triangle is 180°


More info £1.00
Unit 7. Units of Measurement Year 7 Convert one metric unit to another; Estimate, calculate and solve problems in everyday contexts

More info £1.00
Unit 8. Fractions Year 7 Add and subtract simple fractions and those with common denominators More info £1.00
Unit 9. Algebra Year 7 Solve simple problems mentally; Simplify and solve simple linear equations with integer coefficients More info £1.00
Year 7 Bumper Pack Year 7 Units of Measurement; Fractions; Algebra; Percentages; Data Handling; Averages; Angles; Shape

More info £5.00
Year 7 Free Sample Year 7 Simple algebra

More info £0.00


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