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Unit 1. Data Handling Year 6 Interpret diagrams, graphs and scales; Problem solving

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Unit 2. Time Year 6 Calculate time difference in minutes; Recognise 12hr and 24hr clock; Understand relationship between days, months, years

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Unit 3. Fractions (Easy I) Year 6 Calculate simple fractions of whole quantities; Halving numbers

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Unit 4. Fractions (Easy II) Year 6 Add simple fractions; Simplify fractions; Calculate fractions of whole quantities; Identify equivalent fractions
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Unit 5. Multiskills Year 6 Solve simple problems mentally; Mental calculations with decimals; Interpret diagrams and graphs

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Unit 6. Area and Perimeter Year 6 Calculate the perimeter and area of shapes made from rectangles

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Year 6 Bumper Pack Year 6 Data Handling; Time; Fractions; Multiskills; Area & Perimeter

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Year 6 Free Sample Year 6 Real life problems - negative numbers

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